An Experienced Louisville Family Law Attorney Can Help

Changes in your family are particularly challenging because they take a toll on your personal life. Through it all, however, you need to stay grounded in rational decision-making. What agreements will be best for your children? How can you protect your financial security in the process?

An Experienced Attorney Who Will Listen

I am John J. Vandertoll, a family law attorney who has practiced in the Louisville, Kentucky, area for more than 25 years. I take the time to personally work with each of my clients, ensuring that they are given the best opportunity for a favorable outcome in family law matters.

Take steps today to protect yourself and your family's future. Contact Vandertoll Law Office in Prospect, Kentucky, for more information. I handle cases throughout Jefferson and Oldham counties.

I am committed to helping people address the complex personal decisions of annulment, contested or uncontested divorce, or separation through straightforward and professional legal counsel. I can work with you to find solutions for all of your family law concerns.

  • Family law and your relationships: I can help you negotiate or litigate for favorable outcomes that preserve parent-child relationships. This may mean determining safety and security in contentious battles, like those that involve domestic violence or neglect. It may also mean negotiating parenting time schedules that give each parent equal share of weekends, holidays and other quality time.
  • Family law and your finances: It is no secret that many divorces and family law disputes cause financial hardship. They may arise from the cost of litigation. They may arise from unequal financial burdens of spousal support, child support or property division. It is important to consider not only how you divide assets, but also how those assets influence debt management, tax liabilities, health insurance costs, retirement benefits and other long-term, complex financial issues.

Courtroom Battles Versus Settlement Negotiations

In some cases, I strive to keep matters out of court to help my clients retain control over decision-making through settlement negotiations. However, not all cases can be resolved this way. Some matters are inevitably taken to trial and I always prepare thoroughly to make sure my clients' rights are protected.

If you are looking for a lawyer who will be straightforward about what is possible and who will take the time to answer your questions, I can help. I can be reached online or by telephone at 502-785-8739 to arrange a consultation.